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Are Sitap rugs processed in Italy?

In each product detail page, under Product Details section, you can find the origin of each carpet.

What is Tencel ® ?

Tencel®: the eco-friendly and innovative vegetable fabric, which thanks to its undisputed qualities has managed to replace fibers such as cotton and wool. Tencel® fabric is particularly soft and silky to the touch enough to resemble viscose. It has a great absorbency and breathability power: it naturally eliminates bacterial growth. Bacteria that originate in humid environments find an unfavorable environment in Tencel® which absorbs humidity. For these features, it ensures maximum hygiene without the use of chemical additives. The raw material of Tencel® is the wood of the eucalyptus tree, coming from FSC certified forests: an international organization that certifies the responsible exploitation of these forests. The eucalyptus tree grows quickly, does not need large irrigations or large extensions of land: unlike cotton plants, it needs a surface area 5 times less and a water consumption 10 to 20 times less. Cellulose is then extracted from the wood, which is minced and subsequently treated with solvents of organic origin to produce the yarn: the entire Tencel® production cycle is closed, it does not produce water and air contaminants and such solvents are non-toxic and 99.7% recycled.