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modern designer carpets: the Design Centre

“Waliking on woven dreams” All the modern designer carpets and rugs in the collection start here and from my great passions: art, which has been a part of my life since I was a kid, and Italian fashion, whose trends, colours and fabrics enliven catwalks all over the world, capturing my imagination. Then the world around me, amidst movies, painting, photography, nature, cityscapes, memories, visions and suggestions, seeking that notion of beauty that drives my every step. I really wanted to walk upon emotion. And so I created the SITAP Carpet Couture Italia Style Centre, a real style workshop for the finest luxury carpets in our collections and where, together with a group of young Italian designers, I transform influences, shapes, colours and yarns into new objects of design. In each creation, an idea. In each rug, a spirit that never ceases to strike a chord.”


Barbara Trombatore

CEO, R&D Manager, Marketing Manager and Director of SITAP Carpet Couture Italia


The mission of the Style Centre has always been an ode to the creative, imaginative spirit of Italian design. Here, in the minds of young professionals with an eye for fashion and art, come collections of the finest SITAP Carpet Couture Italia rugs and carpets, the embodiment of the most striking creative ideas.


A cool hunter by vocation, with a natural instinct, Barbara Trombatore is constantly looking for that inspiration capable of sparking her creative flair. From India to Turkey, Tibet, Morocco and Egypt: an ongoing journey through the finest yarns, weaving history into each and every carefully crafted luxury carpet.


Barbara’s relationship with design is a meeting of seductive senses. Coloured and geometric inspirations cast their spell from the most famous catwalks of Italian fashion, to become patterns on yarn. A turbine of sensations transformed into emotions and collections of SITAP Carpet Couture Italia modern designer rugs capable of capturing your gaze and your heart.

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