Design and creativity meld in an embrace of colours to fill your kids’ room with joy.

Kid-friendly children’s rugs

Children’s rugs stimulate the creativity of little ones in the space where they play and study, brightening up the whole space with light and colour.

The countless forms of Sitap’s imagination

Sitap’s original compositions in various models and colours indulge their feet first thing in the morning. It is like walking on a cloud of softness that lets the imagination fly.

Machine-washable rugs for their safety

The rugs are all machine washable, easy to maintain, free of toxins and made with durable, stain-resistant materials. Because you should be just as light-hearted as they are.

Children’s rugs that don’t give up on design

Choosing the right rug for your children’s room is not the simplest thing but it could turn out to be a fun moment. Choose from the many bright colours and captivating designs available in Sitap’s children’s line.