Lines, curves and geometries create audacious designs that, bathed by the sunlight, will capture your heart.

Outdoor rugs, power to patterns

With our outdoor and indoor rugs your unique style will be seen everywhere. The collection is perfect to decorate both outdoor and indoor spaces, for a home that oozes character.

With Sitap, originality is out in the open

Original weaves of patterns and colours created by Sitap to decorate outdoor spaces. The best choice to recreate a chill space immersed in nature just a step out of the home.

Beautiful on the outside: shabby rugs

There’s another world out there that is just waiting to get “attired”. Outdoor shabby rugs radically transform terraces and balconies with a minimal chic style that gives the space an added touch of design.

Technical expertise in outdoor rugs

A must-have accent for exteriors, outdoor rugs are made with comfortable and sturdier-than-normal materials and feature any pattern you can dream of.