Authentic weaves of design captivate your eyes and infuse the space with elegance.

The world of handmade rugs

With Sitap's handmade rugs for the living area, you can create a warm and beautiful-to-live-in atmosphere for you and your guests. They bring an added touch of personality that embraces the style of your home.

The elegance of modern: contemporary rugs

Eclectic and vivacious languages unfold underneath your feet, with soft colours that attract your gaze. Modern fabrics for contemporary rugs in a space that will have the scent of beauty.

All the shades of Sitap design

Some stand out for the unusual patterns, others for the vibrant tones, and yet others for the fashion-inspired motifs. There is nothing like a Sitap rug to accent your home interiors.

Celebrating the round rug

Striking and charming and right in the middle of the living area, but with out-of-the-box appeal. Your daily routine, home life and all those simple relaxing moments in your space revolve around the round rug.