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Kids design rug Animals Alligator green

A perfect design rug for children and an ideal playmate. The hand-tufted technique make its colours especially bright.

Kids design rug Animals Leopard pink

Leopard as a new friend. This is Animal Leopard pink secret. Hand-tufted and softly, is the best choice for kids room and nursery.

Kids design rug Animals Giraffe brown

Perfect design rug for children. Animals Giraffe brown is an ideal play area. Its bright colors yarns are due to the handtufted tecnique.

Kids design rug Animals Lion Natural

Design rug for kids room, Animals Lion natural is able to furnish and follow children during their spare time.

Kids wool rug Animals Polar Bear White

Hand-tufted wool rug. A small rug, the ideal choice for children’s bedrooms.

Kids design rug Animals Deer Natural

Thanks to the wool and hand-tufted technique used to create it, this modern design rug for kids features warm, rich and lively colours.

Kids design rug Animals Dino 2 Rust

Hand-tufted design rug, made of 100% wool. A small rug shaped like a dinosaur, suitable for all children’s bedrooms.

Kids design rug Animals Dino 3 Green

Animals Dino is a line of design rugs, ideal for children. Bright and vivid colours will enliven your children’s room with a touch of style.