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Plain colour rug Eucalyptus Tropical

Eucalyptus Tropical Green is a plain colour rug combining the eco-sustainability of Tencel with a trendy shade that evokes the so popular Urban Jungle style of interior design.

Plain colour rug Eucalyptus Fair

Eucalyptus Fair is a handwoven plain colour rug where eco-sustainability combines with the elegance and sophistication of plain colour by Sitap Carpet Couture Italia.

Plain colour rug Eucalyptus Platinum

Eucalyptus Platinum is a handwoven rug from the Luxury Plain Color line by Sitap Carpet Couture Italia. Its Platinum shade is perfect for a classic or modern interior, as a bright designer accessory.

Plain colour rug Eucalyptus Ocean

Eucalyptus Ocean is a handwoven rug made from Tencel, an innovative fibre obtained from Eucalyptus, that creates a warm, soft fleece in inspiring, trendy shades.

Plain colour rug Eucalyptus Jungle

Eucalyptus Jungle is a modern plain colour rug with a unique incomparable texture. Eco-sustainability combines with elegance in a must-have rug for all living rooms.

Handwoven rug Trendy Shiny Rouge

Trendy Shiny Rouge is a handwoven plain colour rug with a great personality, perfect for those searching for a plain colour carpet that plays the leading role in a bedroom, but may also fit into a living room or dining room.