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€20.00 - €2,460.00

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Luxury rug Elite Navy Blue Gold

Elite Navy Blue Gold is a handwoven rug made of wool and bamboo silk. Haute Couture My Design collection.

Design rug Allure

A design rug where the ancient art of hand knotting and fine raw materials blend in a unique design, with an extremely modern impact.

Contemporary rug Chantal Dress Blu

Chantal Dress Blu: a contemporary rug combining modern design with the ancient and precious technique of hand weaving.

Geometric rug Rubik

A top-quality geometric rug by Sitap Carpet Couture Italia.

Luxury rug Kaleidoscope

High-design rug, elegant and unique. Made of wool and viscose.

Design rug Paillettes

The texture of Paillettes is a tribute to fashion, a must for Sitap Carpet Couture Italia, reproducing the shine of sequins with viscose yarns on a contrasting matt background made of wool.

Round rug Star Black

Round rug, hand woven in a Turkish laboratory. Created assembling old dyed Turkish carpets.

Round rug Star Emerald

Old Turkish wool rugs are assembled to create an inimitable and unique patchwork.

Round rug Star Grey

Round rug, made by hand dyeing and assembling old Turkish carpets, by Sitap Carpet Couture Italy.

Round rug Giotto Diamond

Giotto is an handwoven rug adorned with bright crystals.