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Plain-colour carpet Queen Panna WS

Queen Panna WS is a plain colour carpet perfect for homes with kids and pets.

Plain color rug Queen beige JS

Sitap Carpet Couture Italia Pret à Porter My Stile collection, modern rug Queen beige JS is hypoallergenic, practical and easy to furnish every home interior.

Modern rug Jasmine 524/B01J

Jasmine is part of the line of modern carpets. It is made from artificial fibres that make it hard-wearing and heat-resistant.

Modern rug Jasmine 524/B01T

Plain colour modern carpet featuring a pile that creates a beautiful play of light: the rug will look lighter or darker depending on your perspective. Made from luminous and iridescent fibres.

Modern rug Jasmine 524/B01S

The artificial fibres that make up the Jasmine 524/BO1S modern rug make it hard-wearing and heat resistant. Plain colour interspersed with accent points of light.

Modern rug Jasmine 524/B01Z

Jasmine is the line of modern carpets made from artificial fibres that add hard-wearing and heat resistant properties.

Modern rug Jasmine 524/B01W

Jasmine modern carpet is unique for the beautiful plays of light created by its iridescent and luminous fibres.

Machine-washable rug Amalia 050 Beige

Machine-washable rug made on a power loom. Soft pile height of 2 cm.

Machine-washable rug Amalia 090 Dark Blue

Amalia 090 Dark Blue is a modern rug with a super-soft pile, machine-washable.