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Vogue in Capri – The glamorous Sitap Summer

Seduction with a Glamour twist! Sitap Carpet Couture Italia’s journey among our italian beauties stops to an very famous island loved by celebrities from all over the world and every era. Vogue in Capri, here is the title of #SitapEstateItaliana third stage. Are you ready to leave with us?

Inspired by Fashion – This is #SitapEstateItaliana Vogue in Capri

“Mediterranean sea? The most beautiful in the world. Here, you can breathe history charm, its light vivid colors and be surrounded by a unique atmosphere, which takes you away with your imagination. Mediterranean recalls the summers of my childhood, when I admired glossy magazines and dreamed of being able to take part to sea parties, like Brigitte Bardot and Sofia Loren”.  Barbara Trombatore special suggestions, Sitap Creative Director. The driving force behind the third stage of our journey to discover all the wonder that our country can offer. Capri island is the perfect place, where 50’s vintage chic taste meets the latest trends told by the Italian Fashion. A mix of intense colors and iconic images, which immediately bring us to VIP summer on the Amalfi Coast golden age, between love affair scandals and film premieres.

Sitap Carpet Couture Italia, Vogue in Capri, Fashion, #SitapEstateItaliana, Rug, Design, Carol

Barbara Trombatore suggests: In&Outdoor Carol 151X/Q03 rug

Vintage chic, dedicated to the sporty taste seen today on catwalks. In&Outdoor Carol 151X / Q03 rug is the perfect carpet model to give life to this stage in the heart of the Mediterranean. An all-over pattern dedicated to women’s swimming world and enhanced by glossy colors, the perfect match to informal and minimal interiors, for the right character note. The winning pattern to tell the glamorous taste of a divas sunny afternoon in Capri, comfortably seated on one of the most chic island terraces. Vogue in Capri. Discover Carol in&Outdoor rug line.

Sitap Carpet Couture Italia, Vogue in Capri, Fashion, #SitapEstateItaliana, Rug, Design, Carol

In&Outdoor Carol 151X/Q03 rug


Design and more. What’s behind #SitapEstateItaliana project

“Fashion, Art and Design at first. These are our main characters, especially by making up a project like #SitapEstateItaliana”. Barbara tells us. “To realize the third stage of our style journey, I wish to tell Fifties world, the great international divas era, who loved to spend their holidays in Capri. With their beachwear they shocked the public opinion and launched new trends, taken from the glossy magazines, now a cult. Shapes, colors and cultural topics that I love to join in my project concepts, so that I can share a clear message: carpets can dress any space giving personality to every home moment. They are to be considered no longer a simple piece of furniture “.

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Sitap Carpet Couture Italia, Vogue in Capri, Fashion, #SitapEstateItaliana, Rug, Design, Carol


Barbara Trombatore: CEO & Direttore Creativo

Anna Pedron: Graphic Designer

Guido Pedron: Photographer

Elena Salvi, Antonio Trovisi: Make Up & Hairstyle


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