Star rug tradition and craftsmanship mastery: a travel through time story

Turkish perfumes and vibrant colors are the first sources of inspiration for Sitap Carpet Couture Italia rug Star.

Small streets with spicy aromas, lights and perfumes spread in markets and bazaars, crystal clear sea, breathtaking landscapes expressing a unique charm full of history, culture and tradition; that’s what Sitap tells through Star rug.

As a fairy-tale book, Star capture us with its light color geometries. This creation gets its name from the Turkish sky beauty where stars seem close enough to touch them.. A sky that brings you in a silence, vastness and eternal place.

More than a rug, a journey, creative and rare expression of craftsmanship mastery that comes from old Turkish recolored rugs. Every rug is handmade and the craftsmanship technique makes every single carpet unique.

Star rug is part Haute Couture Sitap Collection and it will be on AD Watch..

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