Sitap a Maison & Objet Paris 2020

From the 17th to the 21th January 2020, Sitap Carpet Couture Italia goes to the most important international home fashion and decoration fair in the world. For five days, Maison & Objet Paris has been our home, an opportunity to expand and consolidate an already strong foreign contacts network and to give even more prominence to our know-how, to our Made in Italy creativity, to our Rugs.

On that occasion, we introduced to the audience and to the press Heart Couture Collection. An intimate touch Capsule, which starts from a common symbol: the Heart, to investigate the concept of Love, Seduction and Life with a completely different point of view.

One heart, a thousand meanings. The creative focus of Barbara Trombatore, CEO and Centro Stile Sitap Director. A timeless symbol, presented at Maison & Objet January 2020 by different point of view, but featured by a unique way: new generations.

In fact, on the wave of the general theme of the 25th edition of Maison & Objet Paris: Re-Generation, we wanted to dedicate our Heart Couture Collection to digital natives, Generations Y and Z, today at the beginning of their consumer experience. They will be revolutionaries of tomorrow, able to change consumer habits in terms of home and lifestyle. For this reason, it seemed necessary to tell our reality through new patterns and new languages, without neglecting man and humanity roots.

Heart: the core of our world. Do you feel the beat?

Each rug has a different soul, a different way to face nowadays reality and future.

An invitation to love yourself comes first of all from the most classic Heart Couture Collection model: Regina di Cuori Diamond. The romantic heart is enhanced here following Graphic Design and 3D Printing dictates, with that extra touch of allure, feminine and protagonist. Enriched with SWAROVSKI® crystals, this is a clear invitation to shine with its own light.

Credits @AN

A return to spirituality, to the light, which lights up the uncertain path towards the future. Hence the inspiration of Devotion. At Maison & Objet Paris 2020, the Sacred Heart tradition becomes a hand-tufted bamboo silk rug, customizable with carved words. The phrase chosen by us for this parisian edition was Omnia Vincit Amor: Love can do anything, it wins over everything… Always! A reinforcement of the concept behind Devotion, a rug introduced in three different colors: Ruby red, Black, Pearl grey.

And finally, the heart dimension starting from its anatomy. This is what we wanted to recreate with Odi et Amo. A perfectly reproduced anatomical heart, created in collaboration with the designers Greta Galimberti and Luca Curioni. At Maison & Objet Paris, the dance of life is staged, through the constant heart beating, which despite the thorns of hatred, doesn’t stop loving. A very surprising multicolour effect.

Credits @AN

The January 2020 edition of Maison & Objet Paris is certainly an experience that we will remember in terms of visitors, opportunities and future collaborations and for the feeling shown to us by the audience.

An important moment that will remain in the heart of Sitap Carpet Couture Italia.

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