Sitap Carpet Couture Italia stops off at the tropical forest with Calypso Tucano

Our journey today stops off at the tropical forest in a lush flora with bright colors and thousand sounds of colorful creatures.

Among them, at the top of a big tree, there’s a Toucan family with their unmistakable yellow beak in contrast with all fruit colors.


Toucans, thanks to their bright colors, can camouflage themselves in the forest light shades, but their merry vocalizes makes them anything but invisible. For those who do not know, with a toucan (Ramphastos toco) nearby, fun is guaranteed. As soon as it can, it calls its peers to beat them in its favorite game: arm wrestling. Even better “beak wrestling”.

In this tour stop too, we are in a party among Hibiscus, toucans and merry sounds.

Questa l’essenza che abbiamo racchiuso in Calypso Tucani: una creazione della Collezione Pret à Porter di Sitap Carpet Couture Italia che amiamo condividere con i nostri clienti in un simbolico invito a festeggiare con noi ogni giorno.

Come sempre il design è tutto Italiano made in Sitap: uno degli aspetti di noi maggiormente apprezzati anche al recente Salone del Mobile.

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