Sitap Carpet Couture Italia Dream Essence: the unexpected Christmas present

Dream Essence is a symphony of refined and elegant notes, a collection of precious fragrances that reflects the creative research that characterizes our Brand.


For the first time our Centro Stile works not only to furnish spaces with design and tendency rugs but also with exclusive fragrances.

With our collections, Haute Couture My Design e Pret a Porter My Style, we would like to make you experience new sensorial worlds where the rug gives importance to every space. In this experiencing world Dream Essence fragrances gift a really new experience to your home.

From the fragrances to the emotion there is just a short step.

With these fragrances we arrive in a magic world, as Alice through the looking glass, in a different space full of childhood memories, desires, experiences evoqued by Dream Essence symphony notes.

This collection is handcrafted and 100% Made in Italy.

In Haute Couture fragrance you can appreciate the oriental, floral and woody perfume:

Nella fragranza Haute Couture potrete apprezzare un aroma orientale, floreale, legnoso con:

  • The oranges and bergamot top notes
  • The incense, jasmine and violet heart notes
  • The white moss, sandal, patchouli and vanilla base notes

In Pret a Porter fragrances you can fell the aromatic, citrus and woody perfume:

  • The tea leaves and lemon peel top notes
  • Garofalo, cypress, damask rose and honeysuckle heart notes
  • The Sandalwood, amber and vanilla beans base notes
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