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As history teaches us, after the difficulties there is a rebirth. A pause follows a recovery time. An era of uncertainty lets begin a moment of knowledge ready to write the world to come …

Few months after its inception, year 2020 is already imprinted in contemporary history and Sitap Carpet Couture Italia with it is present on the launch pad towards a new world. An intent, clear from the cover of Sitap Pret à Porter new Catalog, created during the lockdown by Barbara Trombatore, Sitap CEO & Creative Director and her Centro Stile. The tangible proof that even last months hard times, in which the whole italian industry has been put to the test, the creative seed has never stopped living, always vigilant on the present time.

For Sitap it’s time to New Atmo(Spheres)

New atmo(Spheres) is the title of Sitap Pret à Porter My Style new catalog dedicated to current affairs, where the pandemic term has entered right into the common language, as well as the desire to start again, to create new connections beyond what is dividing us. The sphere is a restart icon, a caricature of our time. The elementary particle at the base of the material, the part of the whole that is needed to build new bonds, new connections, new social nets, new stories to tell. The starting point to look to the future with a different awareness, that which nothing will be the same as before but everything needs to be reinvented, marked by new rhythms.

Sitap Pret à Porter new catalog-Sitap Carpet Couture Italia-Catalog-new-2020-2021-Sicily rug

Discover Sicily Flower One rug Sitap Carpet Couture Italia

A concept translated into a catalog thought as a magazine, easy to be consulted and content attractive, always up-to-date, Barbara Trombatore and all Sitap Carpet Couture Italia primary inspiration. Proposals divided into sections investigate daily life style in all its feature, always with an input to overcome one’s limits.

Sitap Pret à Porter new Catalog – Great best sellers Pret à Porter and Modern

Carried by Barbara Trombatore’s inspiration, Pret à Porter line tells the most fashionable side of the house, with rugs born to become real trend setters. Gabrielle is a good example, dedicated this year to precious stones material and natural effects.

Sitap Pret à Porter new catalog-Sitap Carpet Couture Italia-Catalog-new-2020-2021-Gabrielle rug rug

Discover Gabrielle rug Sitap Carpet Couture Italia

Modern line is a proud example of Sitap’s great successes, but with a little more. Deco gypsy style and Handloom modern scandi touch mark the return to nature, which is never taking up space like now. Terrazzo motif, loved by current interior design, traces new Laguna proposals, opening the doors to Seventies style, coming seasons prewiev.

Sitap Pret à Porter new catalog-Sitap Carpet Couture Italia-Catalog-new-2020-2021-Laguna rug rug

Discover Laguna rug Sitap Carpet Couture Italia

Reconnecting with nature: the color style of Plain Color and the Outdoor line

The need to reconnect with nature is also confirmed in Plain Color section, where color is the main part of contemporary furnishing, always looking for family life functionality and simplicity. New entries Megan, Naomi and Grace state an always bigger made-to-measure house desire, with excellent manufactured rug in pure tufting wool.

Sitap Pret à Porter new catalog-Sitap Carpet Couture Italia-Catalog-new-2020-2021-grace rug

Discover and book Grace made to measure rug Sitap Carpet Couture Italia

Go out, escape. Live your time. Thanks to In/Outdoor&Active line it’s easy to say so. Trendy rugs, made to be lived in every house moment, to their super flat texture and incredible design-oriented motifs, for young interiors. Carol line speaks of pop prints, arts, color and urban trends to get out of the box.

Sitap Pret à Porter new catalog-Sitap Carpet Couture Italia-Catalog-new-2020-2021-Carol rug

Discover and book Carol rug Sitap Carpet Couture Italia

A break from the world and a look to the future – Spa & Wellness, Glam Accessories, Young & Metropolitan

Lockdown also means a break from the world outside. A mood that we all need in this phase of New Normal. New Spa & Wellness line expresses exactly this mantra: creating your own daily ritual.

Carpets to combine with glam accessories. Like poufs and small bedside rugs from Glam Accessories section. Details that make the difference and marries the animal world with super current fake fur inspirations (even in summer), useful to describe a new cozy style. Desire to feel good and take care of yourself in your home.

Respect for nature from early childhood. There are many rugs dedicated to the world of children in Young & Metropolitan line. Creative ideas, designed to boost their imagination during their spare time. Animals line shows how nature is breathing with owls, polar bears, tigers, kittens, cute dinosaurs in pure hand-tufted wool. How to promote to future generations the respect for pets.

Sitap Pret à Porter new catalog-Sitap Carpet Couture Italia-Catalog-new-2020-2021-Animlas rug

Discover and book Animals Giraffe rug Sitap Carpet Couture Italia

Space for creativity: Sitap launches Design Workshop

Sitap Carpet Couture Italia wants to inaugurate concretely the establishment of its Design Workshop. Centro Stile Sitap becomes the meeting point for young designers, who right here have the opportunity to grow on a human and professional level under Barbara Trombatore’s creative impulse. Among them stand out great confirmations and young novelties, such as the interior designers Alessandro Corina, Matteo Stucchi, Greta Galimberti & Luca Curioni duo and milanese artist Paola Manuelli. A project that is constantly growing and always looking for new inputs, the example that the union makes strength, the contribution of many to make a difference.

Sitap Pret à Porter new catalog-Sitap Carpet Couture Italia-Catalog-new-2020-2021-Designers
Sitap Design Workshop: 2020 new designers


New ConnectiON – New CollectiON

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