Lohas: Sitap Carpet Couture Italia metropolitan Jungle style

Today our travel introduces a new stage dedicated to love and to the environment respect.
Autumn has begun with its amber colors and we invite you to abandon yourself on a natural fiber that our artisans have worked following our Centro Stile creative idea: jute, a natural gift that becomes a refined creation for a warm interior design.


Lohas rugs are real decorations. 3 rugs, Circle, Roses and Flower produced with the best fibers, those thinner and shinier, so called gold fibers.

3 creations that represent our commitment for a sustainable future and the objective of maintaining Sitap Carpet Couture Italia high quality.

If you’re thinking about you next holiday, let’s imagine yourself in a SPA furnished with wood, warm and natural colors, on a Lohas rug holding a hot chocolate.

It sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Perfect and possible.

Lohas rugs are definitely versatile, are perfect for a Nordic style living room, for an industrial open space or a room with a Shabby Chic or Metropolitan Style.
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