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Barbara Trombatore, CEO & Creative Director Sitap Carpet Couture Italia column dedicated to  contemporary rugs world is ready to start. An interesting column available “offline” towards Piacenza newspaper Libertà and “online” thanks to this blog. In this first part, Barbara tells us how to furnish with pop rugs, as a useful and uncommon alternative to classics.

Among the different requests, here below Chiara’s.

“Dear Barbara, I would like to give a different touch to my home and I thought of you for the most suitable carpet choice. I would like something in summer style, but not too classic or traditional …

Thank you, Chiara”

Sitap Carpet Couture Italia-How to furnish with pop rugs

Barbara Trombatore – CEO & Creative Director Sitap Carpet Couture Italia

BB Creative Style – The  expert Barbara Trombatore replies

Dear Chiara, I reply with great pleasure to your request with an advice that is first of all my thoughts. Carpets are not only classic or oriental, as we use to know. Carpets are fantasy! It is a home element able of dressing and express the interior with personality, beyond furnishings leitmotif or deliberately into contrast with them. And why not, it can also be inspired by current trends.

In this regard, why not let yourself be seduces by pop style? A super trend, you can see everywhere, from fashion to interior design, from home decoration to the world of childhood. It brings color and creativit. In my opinion, the perfect choice to give a different touch to your home, as you yourself asked for.

Sitap Carpet Couture Italia-How to furnish with pop rugs

Outdoor pop design rug Carol 15X/Q03

Furnishing with pop rugs – Carol line Sitap Carpet Couture Italia

Carpet like Carol line, for example, give energy and light-heartedness even to everyday interiors. I thought of this model because it is summer (it is designed to be placed outdoor), but also it is able to change its “mood” once warm season will be over and to renew itself as a new indoor furniture.

Carol is the best idea for balconies and verandas, kids bedrooms and for those who want to furnish a professional studio in an alternative way to the classic plain color.

Carol carpet is strategic

In addition, pop-style rug also looks good on its own in a large open space and it plays a strategic role. For example, if you need to hide a raw floor, it can divert guest and inhabitants attention.

To conclude, it is really able to make the difference. Last but not least, pop rugs like Carol are the most versatile of all. Have you ever thought of hanging them as modern tapestries above the head of the bed in the sleeping area?

Sitap Carpet Couture Italia-How to furnish with pop rugs-04

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