Go beyond your limit every day!

In view of Christmas, Sitap sends a hope and success message taking inspiration from the oriental culture.


In the oriental tradition, the Koi carp represents the man who goes beyond its limits with perseverance and courage.

The Koi carp is different from other fishes because when it caught, it faces the enemies like a samurai with no fear!That’s why people tatoo Koi carp as symbol of perseverance and courage.

With Amor Animi Sitap Carpet Couture Italia Centro Stile send a loyalty and positivity message representing the man capacity of going beyond its limit.

Amor Animi is a hand knotted rug made with bamboo silk, Persian wool and cotton. It’s perfect both as Christmas present and as Wedding gift representing the wedding loyalty and happiness.

Amor Animi is created by Sitap Carpet Couture Italia Centro Stile with its 100% made in Italy design.

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