From deep blue sea, to luminescent jellyfish shades: Sitap Carpet Couture italia presents “Elettra”

Precious hand tufted creation, Haute Couture My Design collection, 100% bamboo and vegetable silk.

From deep blue sea, to luminescent jellyfish shades, this carpet draws attention for its incredible softness and its original design made in Sitap.


Its high quality materials are hand tufted by expert artisans. For those who do not know, the term tuft comes from the English word tufted, that means with “tufts” a technique used in India to produce carpets.

Elettra is about jellyfish, beautiful sea creatures, whose luminescence is always fascinating. Its incredible shiny effect is the result of a protein used to attract their preys.

We’re already on holiday with Elettra! Big jellyfishes gift us with the sea bed vivacity and turn our houses into place to relax.

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