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Eco-friendly Eucalyptus rug – Green and chic!

Planet-friendly: respect for the planet and its living beings. Eco-sustainable carpet exists, it is called Eucalyptus rug. SITAP Carpet Couture Italia Pret à Porter collection new rug line, designed to be in harmony with nature. Let’s find out more thanks to Barbara Trombatore, CEO & Creative Director of the brand.

Yes we can! Eco-Friendly Eucalyptus rug

Barbara, why did you decide to conceive an eco-friendly rug line like Eucalyptus?

“I was looking for an evergreen rug model, able to fit raw materials high quality needs. For that reason, I immediately opted for a sensorial luxury plain color carpet. Eco-Friendly Eucalyptus monochromatic rug is exactly what I was thinking about. Its focus point? Tencel™ yarn”.

SITAP Carpet Couture Italia, Ecofriendly Eucalyptus rug, sustainable home, neutral tones rug, bedroom

Eco-friendly Eucalyptus rug platinum – Luxury Plain Color Pret à Porter Collection

Tencel™ yarn for a sustainable home

Could you tell us what Tencel™ fiber is?

“Tencel™ is a natural yarn, obtained from Eucalyptus wood cellulose regeneration. The process takes place very scrupulously and in harmony with nature. For that reason, Tencel™ comes only from limited and certified plantations. I chose this eco-friendly raw material because it is hypoallergenic, breathable and anti-humidity. The perfect match, especially in this historical moment.
Furthermore, Tencel™ is iridescent, like silk effect. Plain colors change brightness according to light intensity”.

SITAP Carpet Couture Italia, Ecofriendly Eucalyptus rug, sustainable home, deep blue tones, contract areas

Sustainable Eucalyptus tropical green rug 

Pret à Porter Luxury Plain Color collection – Sustainable rug Eucalyptus natural fiber

Pret à Porter Collection eco-friendly Eucalyptus rugs are handmade from Tencel™ fiber, woven on a handloom according to Indian artisanal process. Its weight: 4000 grams per square meter is synonymous with a compact and robust texture, with an extraordinary soft to the touch. The perfect eco-friendly carpet to enhance living room areas, bedroom and true elegant lounge interiors. Eucalyptus rug line is part of Tailor Made collection too. SITAP bespoke rugs, available on request with customized dimensions.

SITAP Carpet Couture Italia, Ecofriendly Eucalyptus rug, sustainable home, neutral tones, round rug, living room

Made to Measure Eucalyptus cut platinum round rug – Contact us for further informations!

Natural palette – Barbara Trombatore’s color tips

What colors have you thought of for the Eucalyptus line of sustainable rugs?

“Nature inspires this special luxury plain color rug line. I couldn’t do otherwise! Eco-sustainable Eucalyptus rug line ranges from classic neutrals, such as ivory and platinum to golden yellow. For deep tones, I chose dark chic inspirations like Dark Navy, Jungle and Tropical Green. Mud brown is fall/winter new shade, introduced at latest Salone del Mobile in Milan”.

SITAP Carpet Couture Italia, Ecofriendly Eucalyptus rug, sustainable home, neutral tones, living room

Eco-sustainable furnishing – SITAP Carpet Couture Italia as a case study at the University

What is the impact that sustainability can bring to an SME (Small, Medium Enterprise) like SITAP Carpet Couture Italia? What are choices and efforts that a company must make to align itself with eco-friendly production processes? A student at Piacenza Università del Sacro Cuore, Simona Madjovska, went on deeper that topic in her case study dedicated to eco-sustainability and SMEs. Simona talked about our work in her Business Management degree thesis, discussed in 2021. “A virtuous example, which makes us even more proud of our doing business” – concludes Barbara Trombatore.


Thanks to Simona Madjovska

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