A trip to discover italian beauty: #SitapEstateItaliana

Summer is now arrived and Sitap Carpet Couture Italia decided to make it a journey. #SitapEstateItaliana. An exclusive trip, divided into stages, told by short short films inspired by the most beautiful and evocative places in Italy. A tribute to Culture, Taste and Know-how that makes our Country unique all over the world.

“#SitapEstateItaliana is the new mood of those who want to discover our Country by going on deeper its hidden beauties, its unmistakable know-how that everyone envies us. It is the winning key to restart, to become aware of how much beauty surrounds us.” This is what Barbara Trombatore, Sitap CEO & Creative Director tells about the project.

Sitap Carpet Couture Italia, #SitapEstateItaliana, Italia, In&Outdoor, Tappeti

#SitapEstateItaliana – Italian beauty inspires Sitap Carpet Couture Italia new in&outdoor collection

A creative vision, which gave life to a new hashtag: #SitapEstateItaliana, aimed by Barbara Trombatore to make it a a symbol. The symbol of those who want to tell our beautiful Country through photos and videos, now more viral than ever, thanks to social networks power.

#SitapEstateItaliana is also the leitmotif that enhances in&outdoor rugs new collection, designed to enjoy summer everytime: Pret a Porter Collection Carol line.


First step: Baci da Portofino

Inspired by “Dolce Vita”, the great 60’s italian cinema, this first video tells the refined taste of the most elegant Ligurian terraces. Barbara Trombatore chose Carol 121X/Q03 carpet as the absolute main characther, thanks to their vintage chic pattern and palette that remind Portofino’s onld buildings in front of the sea.

Sitap Carpet Couture Italia, #SitapEstateItaliana, Italia, In&Outdoor, Tappeti

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Barbara Trombatore suggests: in&outdoor rugs? Carol line!

In the meantime, strong and thin flatwave line. In&outdoor Carol rug line is enhanced by Barbara Trombatore original design and by young creatives sketches, part of Officina del Design Sitap Carpet Couture Italia. In&outdoor Carol rugs are one of the most relevant Pret a Porter Collection news, thought to bring summer indoors also when summertime will be over. All year round, 4 season and great versatility. These are Carol line features.

Sitap Carpet Couture Italia, #SitapEstateItaliana, Italia, In&Outdoor, Tappeti

In&Outdoor rug Carol 12X/Q03


#SitapEstateItaliana is just beginning! Leave with us!




Barbara Trombatore: CEO & Creative Director

Michele Affaticati: Filmmaker

Anna Pedron: Graphic Designer

Guido Pedron: Photographer

Elena Salvi, Antonio Trovisi: Make Up & Hairstyle

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