Dedalo, Black&White elegance from the rug to the 2018 catwalk

Sitap presents “Dedalo” a precious Haute Couture creation that takes inspiration from the Greek mythology and the Minotaur labyrinth.

A classical splendor that describes the timeless Black&White beauty, a harmony of different but complementary notes.

The white path made with shiny and smooth vegetable silk, becomes ever brighter in opposition to the black, matt and velvety wool creating a depth effect.

Coco Chanel says that black and white “are absolute and a perfect harmony”.

This is why we find this combination on 2018 fall/winter catwalk.

Art and beauty recall to our mind a “delicious” collaboration started in 2016 with the Pastry Chef Marco Pedron. With his art he turned our color notes into music chocolate notes. Exclusive creations dedicated to Sitap Carpet Couture Italia called Biscoteque, made by chocolate and cookies, and Black notes, a gourmet selection of seven pralines with a special flavor for each piano key. 

Harmony notes, beauty and Italian design, expressed by Sitap Carpet Couture Italia Centro Stile, are just a taste of the quality and passion of our catalogues Haute Couture My Design e Pret a Porter My Style. Haute Couture My Design e Pret a Porter My Style.

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