Decorate with star light and perfume

Sitap Carpet Couture Italia presents at Salone del Mobile 2018 “Scarabeo” and “Dream Essence”.

Creativity and innovation are our brand soul. This year at Salone del Mobile 2018 we’re proud to present you “Scarabeo”, a lucky charm experience with the milky way as compass.

It has always been thought that just men and birds used stars to orient themselves There’s instead a beetle’s family that use milky way light to do that, and it’s this capacity that connects all creatures in just one path, considering the beetle as a lucky charm since the night of time.

From this charming path, that connects all creatures, is born, inside the Haute Couture My Design-Limited Edition, “ Scarabeo”, a dive thorough light blue sees, blue oceans, green leaves, purple most beautiful flowers, and yellow stars that always lead our path.

A work with 75 bright and shiny colors that, with all its symbolical role, has always followed the renovation and every lucky wish. “Scarabeo” is a Sitap Limited Edition creation, handwoven and realized in vegetable silk and pure natural silk.

Sitap is protagonist at Salone del Mobile 2018 also with “Dream Essence”, refine air fresheners: the loving essences selection matched with our unique inspiration are the ingredients and the perfect match represented by “Dream Essence”.

sitap dream essence_haute couture spray

The production, always handmade, is totally Made in Italy, value characteristic of this olfactory experience.
You should just take part to this wonderful experience, full of olfactory suggestions, and enjoy emotions. Dream Essence collection is an emotion turns into perfume that immediately touches your olfactory memory with all its forgotten memories.

As happens with our carpets, what you will find in this new collection is a sensory experience, an involving atmosphere.

Sitap creations bring “each traveler” to very special places, places without walls where you can find passion, art and creativity to make each moment eternal.
We’re dreamweavers… start dreaming

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