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Color Theory – BB Creative Style Interior Tips

Can Color Theory Affect the Home? Can you change the rules of interior design and renovate an environment? Barbara Trombatore, CEO & Creative Director Sitap Carpet Couture Italy explains how important it is to take care of the colors inside your home. From the choice of the carpet to the painting of the walls, from the floor to the sofa, to the decoration. Let’s find out more with her.

Sitap-Color Theory, Style, Interior, Home, Pantone, Color

BB Creative Style Interior Tips – Color Theory

Color is a beautiful world, which involves every aspect of our life, even at home. Fashion and historical/cultural trends of the moment are the main “influencers”, but not only. Just think of the passing of the seasons, the different amount of light during the day, the need to find shelter when it’s very cold and the desire to escape during the beautiful sunny days. These factors, too, can greatly influence color trends in a living spaces. Not least, the context in which we live. If we live surrounded by the countryside, our color mood will tend to more natural shades, as well as a few steps from the sea or at the foot of high mountains. The city plays the same role. Given its “morphology” and its reduced spaces, it is more inclined to the proposal of strong palettes, often dictated by functionality need.

Sitap-Color Theory, Style, Interior, Home, Pantone, Color


Left side Sicily Equator rug – Monnalisa pearl rug

Colors around us – Barbara Trombatore says…

Color is much more. It is a real universe, based on scientific and psychological theories, socio-cultural themes, symbols. It is a common thread of our life, able of evoking memories and emotions, like a perfume. This is why I like to think that Color Theory is not a trivial choice, but a real awareness. Above all, when it comes to everyday environments, where our time flows together with partners, children, friends, colleagues…

Sitap-Color Theory, Style, Interior, Home, Pantone, Color

Bespoke Naomi rug ruby red

Illuminating & Ultimate Gray – From Pantone trends to your Home

Interior design dictates some guidelines. It is well known that low frequency wave tones such as lavender, light blue and light green have a relaxing action on body and mind and are therefore recommended for the sleeping area. In contrasto to high frequency notes of of red, yellow and orange such as Mandarin, Illuminating and Exuberance, that stimulate appetite and dynamism. Useful allies in the kitchen, but only in small doses in studios and offices, where they could overload brain activity, making a long stay stressful. Instead, opt for easier shades, such as the brand new Baryl green and Blue Dress Blues, creative colors linked to communication.

Sitap-Color Theory, Style, Interior, Home, Pantone, Color

Modern designer rug Venus 90X/Q16 Flatweave Sicily flowerone rug

BB Creative Style suggests: New Neutrals

Basic theories, but not absolute. As always, it is necessary to mediate and give voice to intermediate colors or to New Neutrals suggested by Pantone Institute. Hale Navy and Soot Black, new shades of blue/black or Gray Sleet and Ultimate Gray, clear and concrete gray shades, dedicated to who loves sobriety and refinement. Delicate notes of almond white, Almond Oil, always beloved, and to warmer shades of Military Olive green and Tawny Birch beige linked to nature reconection need.

Sitap-Color Theory, Style, Interior, Home, Pantone, Color

Bespoke Naomi platinum rug

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