Carolina Stramare Sitap Carpet Couture Italia, tappeto Hypnose

Carolina Stramare’s home – Sitap furnishes celeb houses

Step by step, an Emotion. Sitap Carpet Couture Italia rugs go straight to the heart of the celebrities. There are more and more characters loved by the general public, who choose Sitap rugs to make unique each interior, with that touch that only our design carpet brand can give. Today we take you to Carolina Stramare’s home, Miss Italy 2019, who has chosen Barbara Trombatore’s suggestions to enhance her ethnic-style living area.

Sitap and Carolina Stramare –  A love story

Sitap Carpet Couture Italia and Carolina Stramare met each other a couple of years ago: 2018. Barbara Trombatore, Sitap CEO & Creative Director chose her as the new Pret à Porter My Style collection testimonial. The tropical atmosphere, photographic set leitmotif, immediately showed the strong understanding between Carolina and Barbara, united by their love for fashion and interior design. A professional reality for Barbara and an upward path for Carolina, who in addition to her model job, is currently specializing in graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in San Remo.

Sitap furnishes – Barbara Trombatore chooses Hypnose

“When Carolina asked me for help with her living area, I had no doubts” – explains Barbara Trombatore, CEO & Creative Director Sitap Carpet Couture Italia. “Hypnose carpet seems made for her. Magnetic gaze and a scratchy personality, it sounds perfect for Carolina. I could only choose this jewel from Sitap Haute Couture My Design collection”.

Carolina Stramare Sitap Carpet Couture Italia, Hypnose rug

Hypnose: the perfect Sitap rug for Carolina Stramare

Hypnose, Haute Couture My Design collection rug, is made of handtufted wool and bamboo silk. Its soft texture, perfect to caress comfortably lying on the ground, is enriched exclusively for our Miss Italia by a small Swarovski crystal, which emphasizes the look of the panther portrayed as it comes out of the darkness. Seductive and discreet at the same time, it furnishes with a right note of character.

How to furnish a living area with Sitap Hypnose rug

Carolina’s needs were easy enough to satisfy. Her ethnic chic style living area had only one flaw: it lacked a focal point in the center. In fact, furniture and accessories were all arranged on the sides of the room, with a consequent “empty” effect catalyst of attention. For this reason, it was necessary to opt for a large carpet, designed to wrap the room and mix the elements as a whole. Black was the most suitable color for Carolina Stramare living area, connected with ethnic style and its strong personality. The Panther? A non plus ultra. A wild animal linked to the jungle theme, magnetic and majestic, which mirrors Sitap Carpet Couture Italia and Carolina Stramare strong synergy.

Discover Hypnose rug. Sitap Carpet Couture Italia Haute Couture Collection jewel.



Thanks to: Carolina Stramare – Photo Credits: @alessiaboccaph

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