Andy Warhol 90° birth anniversary – Sitap Carpet Couture Italia tribute to the Pop artist

Painter, sculptor, screenwriter, photography director, Andy Warhol has certainly been one of the greatest Pop Art figures and surely one of the most famous artists of the XX° century.

We remember his interpretation of great works as the last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci or the masterpiece Paolo Uccello di Piero della Francesca and also its works for Glamour and Vogue.

An eclectic genius unique for his fancy, creativeness and the continuous research of a different expressive form.

Creativeness and continuous research are also our Centro Stile leitmotiv, that finds always inspiration in the artistic world and its expressions.

That’s why, on the occasion of the Andy Warhol 90° anniversary, we decided to tribute him with our last creation “Dream Essence”

.. Dream Essence is a refined symphony, a collection of precious fragrances for a space that mirrors that values of refinement and creative research that characterize our Brand.

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