A warm and soft Christmas with Sitap Carpet Couture Italia rugs, pillows and accessories.

Every year traditionally winter reminds us of blankets and warm,soft wool rugs. These are usually made with precious materials and represent a craftmanship made with love and cure.

Taking inspiration from this tradition our Centro Stile decides to offer a Glamour Christmas full of style and elegance.

Soft and ecological pillows, blankets, with innovative colors, precious sheepskin rugs and many other ideas for a warm and special Christmas.

In the mountains, after a ski day or at your city home, the warmth of a natural product gives a feeling of calm and protection waiting for Christmas.

For a glamour touch Sitap Carpet Couture Italia Centro Stile realizes , in the Glamour Leathers collection, stoles: appreciated accessories realized in many color nuances, expression of the extraordinary research and made in Italy.

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